WisNode Customisable LoRa Button 4K - Helium Network

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Product Overview

Customise the function and displayed message of the Rak Wisnode button with the Orkney LORA app!

With massive worldwide network coverage via the helium network and a "work out of the box" experience. The Wisnode, customisable LoRa button can have many uses such as a call for help from elderly residents in a care home, super easy customer feedback data, tracking of completed tasks by employees. The possible uses are endless, and entirely up to you. 

With the Orkney LORA app, you can customise the message displayed on the dashboard from each button press, set alerts to your mobile device, email or sms message (or all 3!), view the history and schedual reports!

A subcription to one of our packages is required (see image) and can be activated after delivery from within the app. Alternatively, you can add a years single device subscription now from the dropdown box for £38.50 (Normally £42). The price covers data costs and access to our application. 

The WisNode Button is a remote wireless trigger device. It supports user-defined functions for each key and is based on the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol. Supported LoRaWAN bands are IN865, EU868, AU915, US915, KR920, and AS923.

Product Features
4 Buttons with LED indicator
LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 compatible
Battery: 350 mAh
Battery working time: 1 year (Rechargeable)
Power Consumption: Transmit: 77.4-153* mA, Standby: 4.8 uA
Working Environment: Indoor
Product Size: 43x57x15 mm
Operating Temperature: -20º C to 60º C
*transmit current depends on factors such as transmit power, SF, and Payload Length

Package includes:

  • 1pc RAK7201-4 Key Button
  • 1pc Micro USB Cable
  • 1pc Double-sided adhesive Sticker
  • 7day free trial of the Orkney LORA app (unless 12months subscription added from the menu)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review