Tabs Object Locator LoRaWAN GPS Tracker EU868/US915

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Product Overview

Tabs Object Locator LoRaWAN GPS Tracker EU868

This tiny GPS tracker is designed for attaching to bags and cases. It sends back the current location over LoRaWAN, at regular intervals while the unit is moving.

A subcription to one of our packages is required (see image) and can be activated after delivery from within the app. Alternatively, you can add a years single device subscription now from the dropdown box for £38.50 (Normally £42). The price covers data costs and access to our application. 

The Object Locator has a rechargable battery, using USB-C to charge. It features a button to trigger an uplink, and turns the unit on/off.

This latest version of the product supports downlinks to reconfigure device settings.

Available in either EU 868mhz or US/AU 915mhz

Key Features:

  • Small: 50mm x 20mm x 50mm
  • Light: 28 grams
  • 4.2V LiPo 540mAh battery
  • EU868 LoRaWAN band
  • IP 64 enclosure
  • Includes USB A->C charging cable

Find out more about our Data Packages and Activating your LoRaWAN Device

Subscription can be cancelled any time by sending an email to [email protected]

Remember to check network coverage for your intended use area here using the link:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review