The Single Device 1 month Data Package

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Product Overview

For customers wishing to start a subscription plan for LoRaWAN Device(s) they already own*

Orkney LORA app description


The Orkney LORA IoT Cloud App offers a feature rich, universal solution for managing your IoT devices over LoRaWAN.


The app is ready to go with premade dashboards, downlink commands and functionality for an ever growing range of off the shelf IoT devices. Our app automatically supports your device, if listed on the Orkney LORA website.


The Orkney LORA app supports any kind of LoRaWAN IoT device backed by our dedicated team of developers. To support your IoT solution we need to onboard your device (Make and Model, EUI keys), it will also need to be switched on within the network coverage area.


We primarily work with the Helium network– the world's largest public LoRaWAN network, as it has a universal and massive global coverage. However, we are more than happy to utilise other public or private LoRa networks. 


All sensor/device data is sent to our own Virtual Private Server via the Helium network, or alternative LoRa network, processed and then forwarded to our IoT cloud application. 

App Features

  • Unlimited data usage over the helium network
  • Real-time data visualisation
  • Export data history, and schedule automated reports
  • Geofencing (for compatible devices) for GPS trackers
  • Device interaction and control via downlinks (for compatible devices)
  • x5 SMS notification per month, x10 email notifications per month, 50x Push Notifications per month and upto 3 end user accounts.

Key Benefits  

Simple Set-up

Orkney LORA takes care of the technical details, so you can get on with using and enjoying the benefits of your LoRaWAN Sensors and Devices.

Multiple Features

Control and interact with your devices, send downlinks, create geofences, set up automatic alerts and schedule reports.

Built for the helium network

Deploy your IOT device almost anywhere. Our application utilises helium’s massive global network coverage. Or we can create bespoke solutions via other LoRaWAN networks. 


Solutions or Use Cases

  • Asset Tracking
    • The Orkney LORA application helps you get the most out of your LoRaWAN GPS tracker!
    • It provides a great and easy interaction with the users by displaying real time location information of the device and the last connected helium hotspot. So you always have an idea of where your tracker is, even if it has lost GPS signal.
    • Our app also offers the ability to create geofences, set up automatic alerts to SMS, Email or Push notification. Additionally, our app will display battery level, helium hotspot information, and RSSI signal strength to the last connected hotspot. 


  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Soil sensors, Liquid level sensors, Light intensity, Temperature and humidity. Our app can handle it all. There are innumerable off the shelf sensors that can be activated onto our IOT cloud app. Additionally,with our personal touch service, we can onboard almost any LoRaWAN sensor to our platform and the helium network.
    • Suitable for many smart agriculture and environmental monitoring IOT solutions. 


  • Smart homes and offices
    • Our application can handle all kinds of smart devices. Such as cold chain temperature sensors, smart plugs, air quality sensors, motion detection, LoRa alert buttons, Door and window security sensors, and the list keeps on growing!

To begin your subscription, simply follow the links in the app. 


Data package poster

After purchasing this item, you will recieve a confirmation email and log in details to access our application. 

To cancel a subscription, simply contact us via the website or email [email protected]. Service for your device will be halted after approximately 7 days if a subscription payment fails or is not recieved. 

*Our team will be in contact via email to request the necessary information to onboard your device(s) to our system and ensure compatibility.  Some information we will need includes: Dev EUI, App EUI & the App key. This should be provided to you by the retailer or manufacturer.

**For larger quanities of more than 25 devices, please contact us for a quote on the onboarding fee. Not applicable to devices purchased from Orkney LORA.  



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