Milesight Soil Moisture and Conductivity Sensor

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Milesight Soil Moisture and Conductivity Sensor

A subcription to one of our packages is required (see image) and can be activated after delivery from within the app. Alternatively, you can add a years single device subscription now from the dropdown box for £38.50 (Normally £42). The price covers data costs and access to our application. 

EM500-SMTC provides an external probe for receiving accurate and instantaneous information on soil moisture content, temperature, and electrical conductivity, it is an important tool for anyone involved with soil.

Over the past few years, the applications of massive IoT deployed in soil monitoring, for example, greenhouse, have accelerated the evolution of digital farming. The data collection of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, soil content, wind speed, rainfall, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium has composed an important part in soil monitoring.

A robust sensor that measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity. It's designed for harsh outdoor environments and use out in fields, but it's also suitable for indoor agricultural applications in greenhouses and polytunnels. The sensor can be used in crop growing, fruit and vegetables, and also monitoring of lawns and greens.

The unit features a corrosion-resistant probe that is fully waterproof, and tough enough to be buried in any soil. In addition to standard temperature and moisture readings, the probe measures soil electrical conductivity which can be used to evaluate the nutrient content and texture of the soil. Variations in soil types (between sand and clay) and level of cations will affect the EC reading. Various cations are measured as an average in EC, including sodium (Na+), ammonium (NH4+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), hydrogen (H+), iron (Fe2+), aluminium (Al3+), copper (Cu2+), zinc (Zn2+) and manganese (Mn2+)

The unit is equipped with NFC for easy configuration. The IP66 rated waterproof enclosure is suitable for even harsh environments and the built-in 19000 mAh replaceable battery will work for up to 10 years without replacement.

Key Features:

  • EU868, IN865 and RU864 LoRaWAN Band
  • Moisture: range 0% - 100% RH, resolution 0.5%
  • Temperature: range -40°C to +80°C, resolution 0.1°C
  • Conductivity: range 0-20000µs/cm, resolution 1µs/cm
  • Powered by D-size 19 Ah Li-SOCL2 battery (included)
  • Size: 105 × 71 × 69.5 mm
  • IP66 rated (transceiver), sensor IP68 rated.
  • Wall/pole mount bracket included
  • Cable length: 2m

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